Bauer’s Bytes

A Lesson in Yankees  Chemistry

By Rich Bauer

“We’ve got good vibes going on”, Todd Frazier said, “Everybody’s coming in here and you can feel it. I’ve been on winning teams before and when you come to the ballpark it’s all smiles. Guys are joking around a lot. When you win, good stuff happens.”

I could not agree more with one of the newest Yankees comments when it comes to winning. The one thing I would add is the importance of team chemistry.

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Suss Sez

Batter up!

By Gary Sussman

Who doesn’t like batting practice?  The Yankees just ran a promotion that allowed fans in early to watch the launching of the baseballs…and most notably, Here Comes Da Judge.  Do we want to see no hits, no runs, no offense, no excitement,  pitching dominating the batters in the mid-season folly (it doesn’t count…as it shouldn’t…but I digress).  No, we want to see the blasts, the moon balls, moon shots and moon landings off the bat of the sluggers.  And we were not disappointed.

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