Patience Is A Virtue…

When Steve Pikiell took over as head coach at Stony Brook in 2005, the program had only been playing division 1 basketball for six years. To say that they were bad would be an understatement. In fact, in those six years, the Seawolves went 64-108 and never finished better than seventh in America East Conference play.

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If you build it, they will come…

Photo: 247 Sports

Rutgers basketball coach, Steve Pikiell knew when he took the job, that success on the recruiting trail would lead to success on the court. Late last week on successive days, he received verbal commitments from his back court of the future. And as of today, his three-man 2018 class is ranked #9 in the nation by 247 Sports!

Bauer’s Bytes

Kyrie Can’t Be Serious

By Rich Bauer

For you folks returning from vacation or if you were just busy with family and work this weekend, here is my summary and comments on a few stories that came up in the world of sports.

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Suss Sez

Tracks Of My Tears

By Gary Sussman


Jimmy Dugan (Hanks) laying into Evelyn Gardner (Bitty Schram) in one of the classic sports movie lines from ‘A League of Their Own’. ( BTW…Hanks has to be considered one of the great American actors…so seamless regardless of the role….tough to pick favorites, but thanks to HBO, I’ve seen ‘Road to Perdition’ a dozen times…but IMO, I don’t see how it gets better than the final scene in ‘Captain Phillips’… but I digress).  And Wilmer Flores, please step to the blackboard…you proved that yes, there actually may be a place for crying in baseball.

But what about tennis?

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Conor’s Corner

Mess Conference

Photo: Katchop

By Conor Green

There’s nothing worse than poor leadership. A bad CEO can sink a company. An incompetent head coach can destroy a football team. And non-existent leadership can permanently stunt the growth of an NBA franchise. The Knicks not only have bad leadership, they have no leadership. They are led without direction, with no real sense of what the hell they’re doing.

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Podcast #275: Rutgers Football Recruiting; NJ Devils Player Movement and The Knicks

Matt Loughlin and Steve Tichenor dig into some good news on the recruiting front for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, discuss some of the player acquisition moves made by the NJ Devils and give their thoughts on the NY Knicks situation.

photos: (Marcus Johansson); (Rutgers)

Bauer’s Bytes


By Rich Bauer

How does Steve Mills still have a job with the New York Knicks? He must have all the inside dirty information on James Dolan or he knows where all the dead bodies are buried at Madison Square Garden dating back to the Donnie Walsh days. I think it is both.

Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown once said in a radio interview back in 2014 that “Millis has no clue. I do not know what he knows about the sport.” Coach Brown, I would agree with you. What I see is an empty suit that adds to the dysfunction and chaos at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 33rd Street.

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