If Giants’ Flowers Blooms, Look Out NFL! But if not…

Photo: Sports Illustrated

When I looked around for a definition to the commonly used term, “on paper”, this is the best I found:

judging something by how it has been planned rather than how it really works in practice.

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3 QB’s And The Jets…

Photo: NY Daily News

The New York Jets opened training camp Friday with 3 quarterbacks. Remember, there’s an old saying in football that goes: “if you have 3 quarterbacks, you have no quarterback”.

This David Is Njoku…


Photo: State of the U

Photo: Canes Watch – Palm Beach Post

The National Football League will begin its annual Player Selection Meeting, or Draft, on Thursday evening. This year’s festivities come to us from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. Just across the border from PA lies New Jersey. The Garden State has a well-earned reputation for producing talented football players who are recruited at the highest levels year in and year out.

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