Brian Cashman-The G.O.A.T Intern

Suss Sez

By Gary Sussman

Ben Whittaker.  Now, I am fully aware that there are many issues that affect us personally, professionally, socially…and good heaven, politically.  But just for a moment, digest the name ‘Ben Whittaker”.   Because for millions of moviegoers, Ben is their image of the great.  Not as the young Vito, or Max Cady (Cape Fear), or Ace Rothstein (Casino) or Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver).  They see ‘The Intern’….and they see DeNiro.  Is there another word other than travesty?  

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Conor’s Corner

Robot-Apocalypse (In Baseball Mind You)

By Conor Green

I love science. Not like, Bill Nye the science guy fake science. But like, real person science. Kip Thorne science.

In fact, during college I had an extremely difficult decision to make: What do I want to do with the rest of my life? In the end, it boiled down to two options… Be an astrophysicist with a focus in subatomic particles…. Or cover sports.  Hopefully I made the right decision!

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At The Deadline Brian Cashman Strengthened His Yankees, & The Red Sox Too!

Photo: Sports Illustrated

At the beginning of the season, it was wishful thinking on the Boston Red Sox part that Pablo Sandoval could handle the hot corner again.

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Conor’s Corner

Gray’s Anatomy

By Conor Green

Last week I wrote that acquiring Sonny Gray would have to little to no consequence for the Yankees in the 2017 playoffs. My argument was the Pinstripes lack the top-level starting pitching to match up with the Astros, Indians, and Red Sox over the course of a five or seven-game series.

In response the Yankees acquired both Sonny Gray and Jaime Garcia at the deadline. Now in the 2017 interim, I don’t think either of these moves greatly improves the Yankees odds of reaching the World Series. In the end, neither Gray nor Garcia, skyrockets confidence come playoff time.

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And the Winner of the American League East is…The Golden State Warriors?

Photo: Boston Herald

Judging by the comments New York Yankees General Manager, Brian Cashman made about the Boston Red Sox this off-season, which were echoed by Red Sox GM, Dave Dombrowski about the Bombers following MLB Trade Deadline Monday, it seems that in one form or fashion the Golden State Warriors will win the AL East crown.

What Will Yu Do?

Photo: Mets Chronicle

The Texas Rangers have placed Yu Darvish on the trading block, and his top-of-the-rotation stuff could alter pennant races from east to west. The Yankees happen to need a starter pitcher, so Brian Cashman, will Yu make the move?