The End of Eli Manning: Sal-ient Points


By Sal Marinello

Sports are really something, don’t you think? About a month ago the Jets were garbage, Sucking for Sam and heading for an ‘oh-fer’ while the New York Football Giants (NYFG) were the darlings of the tri-state sport scene and picked by many to be a Super Bowl contender. Now as we sit here in NFL Week 6 the Jets are tied for first place in the AFC East and have the same record as the New England Patriots, Sam now Sucks, and the NYFG are imploding.

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Giant Task Ahead…My 2 Sense

Photo: Big Blue Interactive

By John McAleavey

Okay, I’ll admit it, I bought into all of the preseason New York Giants “Super Bowl Contenders” hype.

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The Top Five Story Lines In The NFL From Week Three

Conor’s Corner

By Conor Green

In Week 3 we saw two shocking blowouts. A possible season-ending loss. Bad play from a team, but a great performance from one of its players. And a unit unprepared for its matchup. I’ll cover all that and more in my top-five story lines from Week 3 in the NFL.

  1. The Giants’ Season is Over


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Hey Giants Fans – Remain Calm, All Is Well…Not!

By John McAleavey

As I sat on my couch watching the final seconds tick off the MetLife Stadium scoreboard late Monday night, I couldn’t help but think of Chip Diller. Continue reading

They Might Be Giants…

Photo: Newsday

I remember when MTV came into my life as if it were yesterday. My friends and I hovered around TV’s not quite sure what we were watching, but delightedly in awe.

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Podcast #282- The Big Fight- Giants- Jets- RU Football


Conor McGregor was game but it wasn’t enough. Giants can have a special season while the Jets may hit an all time low. Rutgers looks to gain some respect vs a very tough Washington team

If Giants’ Flowers Blooms, Look Out NFL! But if not…

Photo: Sports Illustrated

When I looked around for a definition to the commonly used term, “on paper”, this is the best I found:

judging something by how it has been planned rather than how it really works in practice.

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