If Giants’ Flowers Blooms, Look Out NFL! But if not…

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When I looked around for a definition to the commonly used term, “on paper”, this is the best I found:

judging something by how it has been planned rather than how it really works in practice.

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The Major League Baseball All-Star Game Sucks…

Photo: CrypticImages

By: Sal Marinello

Major League Baseball’s Mid-Summer Classic is a bloated, boring and pointless anachronism. What was a cool idea and a unique baseball game at one point in time – a very long time ago – is now just another televised game in an era of over-saturation.

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The Giants Are Stuck With ‘Odell the Brat’

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By: Sal Marinello

Odell Beckham, Jr is the most dynamic and exciting player on the roster of the New York Football Giants but he is a brat, and they are stuck with him.

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Suss Sez

Game of Lists

By Gary Sussman

5:10 am.

Where is Bill Murray when I need him?  The time I wake up every morning. Regardless. And considering my work schedule is more random than the NFL Flex schedule for Sunday night games, I have decisions to make.  Morning Joe…Cup o’ Joe…Joe from Staten Island?  Except this week.  Because this week, there are two words that eliminate the early morning blindness.  Roland Garros.  The French Open. Every morning at 5:00 am on Tennis Channel.  Say hello to my little friend (the remote)!  Merci beaucoup! Continue reading

Why is There So Much Uncertainty Surrounding the NFL Draft?

Photo: MGoBlue.com

The NFL Draft has been transformed from an obscure, closed-door event to a 3-day televised Prime Time event. What used to be almost a secret event is now subjected to months of intense, bordering on unhealthily obsessive, scrutiny.

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When Did ESPN Become So Unwatchable?

Photo: Fang’s Bites

Aside from the actual sports programming, who really watches the shtick-laden dross that dominates the airwaves for the ‘Worldwide Leader?’

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In Recruiting, There Are No Days Off…

Photo: NJ.com

When Roy Williams and his North Carolina Tar Heels cut down the nets in Arizona last Monday, March madness came to an end. Or so we thought…

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Blah, Blah, Blah…

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All we heard from college basketball’s pundits throughout the regular season (conference play), was just how dominant the Atlantic Coast Conference was this year.

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There is a Better Way To Tackle

Cam Chancellor

Photo: emeraldcityswagger.com

With football season at all levels already in full swing, we asked our friend and frequent contributor, 
Sal Marinello, President, Athletic Development Coaching, for his 2 Sense on the state of tackling in today’s game.

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