Greetings From San Francisco

by : Steve Tichenor

Not even boring baseball or the return of panda can sour a trip to the bay area.  We’re on the last day of our nearly bi-annual family trip to San Francisco, and it was once again fantastic.

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5 on 5 #247


The first podcast for 2017! Rutgers stumbles in their BIG 10 home opener. The Giants head to Green Bay for a chilly wild card match up. We’ll discuss the other playoff match ups including the Raiders and Texans QB issues. Does it makes sense for the Jets to keep Todd Bowles? We’ll tell you who we like in the National Championship game.

5 on 5 #236


Despite loss Rutgers QB situation may not be so bad. We’ll look at the shift at the top of the polls in college football. Odell Beckham continues to excite and infuriate. Plenty of surprises in the NFL this season. The Devils open up in the Sunshine state.

5 on 5 #235


We’ll start with the hangover from Rutgers record breaking blow out to Michigan. The Jets and Giants seasons are going off the rails. After five weeks who are the surprise teams? Toronto comes to life and sweeps Texas. Should the divisional series be the best of 7 rather than 5?

5 on 5 #234


The Ryder Cup is back on US soil. The Mets earn wild card, only to face ace of aces. Big Papi and Vin Scully say farewell. The Jets are in trouble after another home loss. Rutgers takes a pounding in Ohio, can they get back on their feet for Michigan?

5 on 5 #231


The Jets let one slip by in the opener while Victor Cruz and the Giants Salsa dance in Dallas. Frank Vuono from 16W Marketing explains what makes an athlete marketable. Chris Ash and Rutgers win their home opener but challenges await. Matt sizes up the World Cup of Hockey that starts Saturday in Toronto.