Greetings From San Francisco

by : Steve Tichenor

Not even boring baseball or the return of panda can sour a trip to the bay area.  We’re on the last day of our nearly bi-annual family trip to San Francisco, and it was once again fantastic.

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3 Up & 3 Down – The Playoffs Edition


Majestic Chicago Cubs Royal 2016 Postseason Authentic Collection Came To Reign Streak Pullover Hoodie

I know things are starting to get serious in Major League Baseball when entire teams perch themselves on the top step of their dugouts, adorned in hoodies with some sort of slogan on them. For the 2016 playoffs, the choice is, “We Came To Reign”.

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5 on 5 #234


The Ryder Cup is back on US soil. The Mets earn wild card, only to face ace of aces. Big Papi and Vin Scully say farewell. The Jets are in trouble after another home loss. Rutgers takes a pounding in Ohio, can they get back on their feet for Michigan?

I Know You Are, But What Am I…

When I started thinking of what I wanted to riff on this week, nothing jumped out at me. I thought about the pennant races, or maybe a college football story or two (North Dakota State University, Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson).

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