By: Steve Tichenor

I suppose it‘s hard to feel real bad for Arthur Blank.  After all, he’s one of the wealthiest men in America.  Clearly, the Home Depot founder has experienced quite a bit of good fortune in his lifetime. And I’m sure he worked hard for it.

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5 on 5 #252 Super Bowl Review, Rutgers-Seton Hall Hoops, Marty Conlon on Knicks/Nets

vince-lombardi-trophybradyAngel Delgadoderrick-rose

We break down the big game and everything else surrounding the Super Bowl. Rutgers ends road misery while Seton Hall gets a badly needed win. Marty Conlon gives us his take on hoops in NYC.




It’s easy to predict another Super Bowl championship for the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady led New England Patriots. A genius coach and an all-time great who will go down in history as the greatest sports partnership ever.

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5 on 5 #250 Rutgers, Seton Hall Hoops – Super Bowl Preview – Devils playoff chances


In Jersey Hoops, Rutgers and Seton Hall end losing streaks. We take a look at the Falcons and Patriots wins and preview the big game. The Devils are playing better, can they make the playoffs?

5 on 5 #249 – Rutgers and Seton Hall Hoops – NFL Playoff Breakdown



Can Rutgers Basketball win a BIG 10 game? We look at the schedule the rest of the way. Seton Hall’s struggles continue. The best QB’s in the game lead their teams to the championship game. We’ll tell you who will be going to the big game!

Is This the Beginning of the End of Football?


Photo: The Listener’s Club

This week’s My 2 Sense blog was been written by frequent contributor to More Sports Now, Sal Marinello, President, Athletic Development Coaching.

One of the big sports stories of the year has been the poor television ratings experienced by the NFL.  Every sports outlet across every medium has been offering hot takes and everything from the Presidential Election Season to the pregame protests to over saturation has been blamed.

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Jacoby Brissett…Come On Down!



In the NFL, when a player gets injured or misses time, you often hear the term “next man up”, meaning someone will have to fill in that spot. Well in New England, with Jimmy Garoppolo out with an injured throwing shoulder, Jacoby Brissett will be the man under center Thursday night, because he’s the next man up.