Patience Is A Virtue…

When Steve Pikiell took over as head coach at Stony Brook in 2005, the program had only been playing division 1 basketball for six years. To say that they were bad would be an understatement. In fact, in those six years, the Seawolves went 64-108 and never finished better than seventh in America East Conference play.

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Conor’s Corner

Routine Decisions

By Conor Green

Human beings are creatures of habit. We go through the same routine day-in and day-out with little variance in how we operate. We wake-up, take a shower, go to work. come home, and go to sleep. This routine is repeated for five days a week. All year round.

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Podcast #280-Subway Series- How Bad Will Jets Be? Young Gun Wins PGA


Greetings From San Francisco

by : Steve Tichenor

Not even boring baseball or the return of panda can sour a trip to the bay area.  We’re on the last day of our nearly bi-annual family trip to San Francisco, and it was once again fantastic.

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If Giants’ Flowers Blooms, Look Out NFL! But if not…

Photo: Sports Illustrated

When I looked around for a definition to the commonly used term, “on paper”, this is the best I found:

judging something by how it has been planned rather than how it really works in practice.

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