At The Deadline Brian Cashman Strengthened His Yankees, & The Red Sox Too!

Photo: Sports Illustrated

At the beginning of the season, it was wishful thinking on the Boston Red Sox part that Pablo Sandoval could handle the hot corner again.

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Yankee Deal Less About Frazier More About Pitching

by: Steve Tichenor

I’ll start off by saying as a Rutgers alum and a jersey sports addict, I’m a big fan of Todd Frazier. However Frazier, who has gotten most of the press in last week’s deal with the White Sox, will not be the difference in the AL East. The multi player trade where the Yankees gave up young prospect Blake Rutherford, was more about bolstering the bullpen than bringing in Frazier.
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3 Up and 3 Down…

Mookie Betts


With Major League Baseball teams gearing up for the final 40 or so games left on their regular-season schedules, and with pennant races and wild-card chases getting really good, I figured it was time for another edition of the 3 Up and 3 Down feature here at My 2 Sense.

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